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See Your Aquarium in High Definition

The FX UVC In-Line Clarifier quickly and easily connects with all external filters to create a crystal clear viewing experience.

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Executive Class Filtration

Experience the extraordinary cleaning power of 7th generation 07 Series Canister Filters.

07 Series Filter

Committed to Supporting Conservation Efforts

Fluval prides itself on its charitable and educational efforts that give back to the fishkeeping community.

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Fluval Social

We had a blast at the Great Canadian Scape Off at the Canadian Aquatic Expo, proudly sponsored by Fluval! Here's the second place tank – we loved the complexity of this aquascape, and thought it would look incredible once the plants grew in. The judges were split, however, on whether an additional branch of wood pointing towards the front right side would help or hinder the layout. What do you think?

Our little Tuxedo Urchin seems to have found himself the most spectacular of hats to wear. ๐ŸŽฉ๐Ÿ˜Š

Have a great week!

#fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby #coral #reef #urchin

The FX UVC In-Line Clarifier is finally available, and we're in the mood to celebrate!

Watch the video to WIN: https://youtu.be/DFopmcF_1fk

It's the #weekend – time for another species ID quiz! Can you name this absolutely stunning fish?

#fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby #ID #quiz

Thanks to Aquarium Adventures for this great FX UVC Clarifier unboxing and setup video!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfqeebqkk94

The ALL-NEW FX UVC In-Line Clarifier quickly and easily connects to all canister filters to eradicate green and cloudy water for a crystal clear aquarium!

#fish #aquarium #fishtank #aquariumfish #aquariumhobby #UV #UVlight #UVsterilizer #UVC #FXUVC

The Fluval Betta Telescopic Fish Net features a deep design with soft mesh to help protect delicate fins while preventing escape or entanglement! Its telescopic handle is ideal for all depths of aquariums, and its compact, square design is optimized for use within the Fluval Betta Aquarium Kit. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

LEARN MORE: https://fluvalaquatics.com/us/shop/product/betta-telescopic-fish-net

We love our Flex 9 Ember Tetra tank! This species is one of the best in the hobby – they're gorgeous, undemanding, and full of fascinating behaviors!

We just had to share this one from our friend @hoggaquatics! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Be sure to head over to his page for the dankest memes in the fishkeeping hobby – and for an exciting Fluval giveaway!


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